Sunday, September 16, 2007

FINALLY I post again......

Yes, I know, I know, its been over 2 months since I have posted. So as usual get ready for a load of pics. Let's see, what have we been up to.... well this picture should explain one thing....

Yes that is correct. Emily will be a big sister. We are just over 3 months pregnant. The new baby is due on Emily's birthday!! Sheesh, of all days in the whole year. Hopefully this next one will decide to come a week early or a week late so they can each have their own birthdays.

We have had a fun summer/fall. We were able to take a weekend getaway to Lake Tahoe, thanks to Grandma and Grandma Gibson. They watched her for 3 days while we headed for the hills. She was a good girl, although, she did give Grandma some extra exercise =) haa.
Ang in Tahoe, above...Roy below. Of course we don't have any together....

We went to the first BYU game a few weeks ago. It was good and they won, so that was a plus. As far as things on the homefront....things are great. Emily is cute as ever. She is talking up a storm these days. She is soo funny. She makes us giggle every day. She had her first day of nursery today. She loves church now! Its just one big play date. She has ZERO problem saying adios to mom at the door of the nursery. She doesn't even turn back! This is great for mom =) Em REALLY loves babies lately...this is a good thing, eh. We think she'll fully enjoy having one of her own. WE hope! Well here are some of the latest pics of the little person! Enjoy.
Emily playing ball in the park
Just stopping to smell the flowers!
What kind of face is that?!
Who needs expensive toys when you can play in an empty box!
Yes I do look this pretty, even when I first wake up! (thank dad for the big bow first thing in the morning)
Ever heard of "see food"
Enjoying my books....
Trying on Uncle Dane's shoes for proper fit....
Oh man, mom, what is in this magically delicious drink!!! (capri sun...her first one, don't worry I dont feed my daughter this often! ha)
Emily trying to enjoy another drink on the airplane (I promise she doesn't drink soda!)
Em, Dad, Erik and Kimball just enjoying a little reunion.
Joshua and Emily had a long, hard day of play. They had to kick back and relax.
ahh...what a sweet little monster
Hand sanitizer anyone?
WEEEEE, man I love these swings.
Yes, this book looks like the one. Emily prefers the biggest, heaviest books in the lot.
Dad is getting her trained early. BYU bookstore and loaded her down with balls. Let's hope she doesn't choose to play football.
What are you saying? You don't think I am a pretty, pretty princess?
Man, I should be do a commercial for this tube, I make it look so good.
Mom, do NOT tease me about not having anymore cookies!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

4th of July

The week of the 4th we went to Utah and Denver.  We flew to Utah and then drove to denver the following weekend to visit family.  It was flaming hot, however!  We went to the parade in Provo, had a BBQ at Roy's brothers house, and then went to the stadium of fire that night.  Roy's sister Lee Ann, and her family came out from Tennessee, so that was fun to see them. And also his brother from ID, and his wife were there. So it was the whole Baiamonte clan!  The week FLEW by, there never seems to be enough time when you're on vacation. Here are some pictures of the festivities...mostly of Emily, surprise, surprise. 

Rasmussen girls with Emily.

Emily just chilling after having a bite to eat at the cougar eat.

Roy, Nanni, Mike and Jim
Mommy and Emily on her plane ride to Utah.

Look guys, NO HANDS

Mom, Dad and Wild woman at a pit stop enroute to Denver
Cool Em in her seat

Just enjoying a nice drink

Emily body slamming her new friend
Happy 4th

Check out those TEETH!
Lee Ann and Mom Enjoying the parade
So THIS is what they watch me with!

I really enjoy hanging out in my laundry basket
Best seat in the house

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Not a ton happening...just some pics

Warning: Lots of pictures

Just kickin back in my toy basket (after I removed all the toys out of it, of course)
Did you need something? I am busy here.....
There's my sweet one...
Emily putting on Daddy's hat....
I love flowers...see it smells good
Pretty girl first thing in the morning, in her camo jammies
Somebody loves her bath!

I am a case you were wondering
See i am good....
Up to no good
Why in the heck is this lock on my favorite cabinet
Yay! I knocked over my chair!

Not a whole heck of a lot happening around here.  It's all about Emily!  She's starting to talk now...adding more words to her repertoire each day. She loves to 'play' the piano and push all the fun buttons. We are headed to Utah tomorrow for the 4th of July. Hopefully we'll have some more fun and exciting news then!